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Easy to get, easy to lose

The business in Myanmar, which first started in 2018, has been going on until now.
TAEJEON International will always try to dig a deeper well.
We won't put any limits.

May God's protection be with all those who do business in Myanmar.

acquired in Myanmar

Official license

The TAEJEON International with professional qualifications.

DICA License

Corporate Qualification

Im/Export License

Im Exporting Qualification

Sale License

lawful selling qualification

Township License

Shop registration certificate

Fumigation License

Qualification for fumigation

Pesticide License

Qualification to handle pesticides

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Free Delivery

We offer free shipping to customers who place regular orders.

Best Quality

We provide the highest quality products possible. Defective items will be exchanged immediately.

Payment term

We follow our customer's payment system.

Well listen

We will listen carefully to improvements or complaints and improve them.

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